Who is this website for?

This website is to be used by UK Business owners and Regional Organised Crime Unit Protect officers across the country. It will allow for statistical analysis of cyber crimes and enable ROCU officers to act quicker in order to prevent cyber crime and protect UK businesses.

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UK Business Owners

Complete Questionnaire

UK Businesses will first be asked to complete a questionnaire once signed up. The questionnaire has been designed by ROCU officers to determine your business's Cyber Vulnerability Score.

Cyber Vulnerability Score

Upon completing the cyber security based questionnaire you will receive a Cyber Vulnerability Score. This score will allow ROCU officers to see how vulnerable your business is to Cyber Security threats!

ROCU services

From this, the ROCU officers will be able to efficiently assist your business at a faster rate, allowing for cyber crimes to be prevented as you improve your Cyber Vulnerability Score

ROCU Officers

Efficient Cyber-Data access

ROCU officers will have access to important and valuable Cyber security data, enabling ROCU officers to visualise a businesses vulnerability in their local region and across the UK

Improving ROCU Strategy

Through the Map interface and statistical analysis this website facilitates, ROCU officers can make improved decisions for their Cyber PROTECT strategies.

Take Action effectively

Improvements made to the ROCU Cyber PROTECT strategy will enable ROCU officers to prevent Cyber Crimes and save UK businesses the time, money and stress of falling victim to a Cyber Crime.