Add fee to specific products

Is it possible to add fees to specific products, rather than to a whole supplier? I want to add a % packing fee for split cases but I can’t see how to attach the fee just to those weight variants.

Hi Alice
Sadly at the moment it is not possible to add different enterprise fees to different products. Fees are applied at the level of the supplier or distributor.
If the products in question are the only ones from a particular supplier which are priced per weight then you could add a supplier specific enterprise fee using the fee calculator ‘Weight per kg’
This perhaps wouldn’t work though.
The easiest way to add product specific mark ups is to use the product inventory tool:
you are able, using this tool, to override supplier’s prices on a product-by-product basis without changing their master product catalogue. Therefore you could add 20% to one product and 15% to another if desired.
I hope this information is useful
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Hi Alice
Just discussed this with @Lynne.OFN.Tech

One alternative way round adding different enterprise fees to different products from the same producer is to set up two or more enterprises for that producer/supplier.
Name one XYZ_one and the other XYZ_two etc.
Then you can add all the products you wish to have add Enterprise fee one to XYZ_one and the products you wish to add Enterprise fee two to XYZ_two etc.

Many hubs have requested the same thing as you- to be able to add differential enterprise fees on the product rather than supplier level. Hence I can confirm it is something that the global development team have on their radar and will pick up as soon as funding allows.

Please do continue to let us know how our platform can be improved or features which will help your hub thrive and prosper. Your input- along with every other OFN user- is invaluable.

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