Adding Stripe as an OFN payment method

How to add Stripe as a payment method:

  1. First set up a Stripe account

  2. In the OFN Payment Methods screen click “Connect to Stripe”

  3. In the Payment Methods screen click “Create New Payment

  4. Call it something like “Pay by credit card” in the “Name” field.

  5. Under “Provider” choose Stripe.

  6. A new field will appear - choose your enterprise in the drop-down.

  7. If you have already connected Stripe (see step 2 above) a green box should appear telling you that all is OK.

  8. Click create.

This will now appear in your list of payment methods in the admin area and at checkout.


Hi Nick

Do you use Stripe at Stroudco? It looks like a good option for us here at Farnham Community Farm (much cheaper than Paypal!).

My chairwoman hasn’t heard of Stripe before, and is asking if there’s anyone using it to give a ‘reference’ as such.



Hi @farnhamcommunityfarm

Yes Stroudco is using Stripe and we are very happy with it. We find it much easier to use than PayPal and as you say cheaper. I know that several other shopfronts are using it. We could ask @SaraR at Tamar Valley Food Hubs and Liv @DownFarm for their thoughts on it.


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We use both Stripe and Paypal to give customers optimum choice! Both work really well.

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Hello and HELP!

I’ve set up a Stripe account and followed all the instructions in this feed but I’ve come to test it and it won’t accept card payment information. It asks for my card number, etc but when i click on the ‘place order now’ button it says ‘your account cannot currently make live changes’ What have I done wrong??

@olivermuller @SineadOFNSupport @Lynne.OFN.Tech can you help?

Hi Stuart,
I’ll take a look now and see what’s going on.

@Cultivate As a first round of checks can you log into your Stripe dashboard and check if they are asking for more information from you. EU money laundering legislation requires certain kinds of ID and this error can come up if you haven’t uploaded sufficient ID etc to Stripe.

Hi Lynne

No, not as far as I’m aware - nothing obvious anyway, but maybe I’m missing something. Perhaps you could give me a call and we can work through it together as it would save time. I only usually work Mon and Thurs but can look at this with you today need it sorted out as having to link to my personal PayPal in the interim. My number is 07513 551922

Thanks everyone

I will do a screen share with Simon

This is the error we get when we try to checkout with Stripe. Any suggestions @SineadOFNSupport @olivermuller @Lynne.OFN.Tech

@Cultivate and I both think this error is caused by the Stripe set up. Does anyone have another Stripe account that we could temporarily use on the Cultivate shopfront to test this theory?

In the meantime Simon I think it might be worth resetting your Stripe account. I know that there is an authentication process that Stripe goes through which involves Stripe taking a penny from your bank account as a security measure. As you have not gone through this process I think the Stripe set up is not yet complete.

Please give this a go and let us know

@Nick if super-admin access allows it, feel free to test an order by connecting the Stroudco Stripe account.

It look like you can use any connected Stripe account @Nick. Also I assume the payment method was set to production and not dev or testing?

@Nick @Cultivate
Any updates? To have a closer look I would need access to the Cultivate Stripe account, and would be happy to take a closer look.

I’ve just had a look at @Cultivate Stripe account. It looks as though payments are disabled.

A quick google search yielded this:
After you receive your first payment, you must link your bank account to Stripe within 7 days of receiving your first payment or your account will be disabled and you will no longer be able to accept future payments.

Might this be the issue?

Hi all

I’ve deleted my Stripe account and set another one up. Went through exact same process as last time so can’t see it making any difference. There is nothing I can obviously see to link my bank account other than give them the bank details when I activate the account. It says I need to use as ‘secret key’ on the OFN website or something… The site is really not intuitive and seems like it’s designed primarily for developers, even made me think I’m not on the right site. I would really apprecaite someone helping me set up the Stripe account because I’m not winning here and it’s super frustrating. I’m having customers having issues with the payments and I need to sort this out.

@Lynne.OFN.Tech you seem to have an idea about it. Could we please chat on the phone and you can walk me though it?


Just to follow up. I’ve been speaking to Stripe via webchat and they have confirmed that my account is set up and ready to take payments. I’ve confirmed my ID using a drivers licence and even done a payment from ym own bank card via the dashboard. They suggest that OFN might not be talking to Stripe correctly and that you need to plug in my API settings in. I have a transcript of that chat if useful? I can’t test my new Stripe account as it’s already connected with my old one and not sure how to replace it. Can tihs be done manually?

Hi @Cultivate I have just tried to reset Stripe on your OFN dashboard and got this result. Please can you send us the Stripe chat transcript to


@Cultivate I have just run through the entire process from scratch through to payment of an order and there were no problems. This indicates that there is not a specific issue with how OFN is talking to Stripe but a specific problem with your set up.

I will log in now and take a look to see if I can find the issue with your specific account.