Adding Stripe as an OFN payment method

Simon @Cultivate. Can you connect the Stripe account that you have just created to your OFN account by clicking
Enterprises -> Payment Methods -> Connect With Stripe
then after you Agree looking at the top right side to Log In to Stripe.

Let me know how you get on.

Hallelujah! That worked this time and I checked that a payment went into Stripe OK. So what was the issue? I didn’t do anything different at my end. Thanks for the help.

I think that you had something set incorrectly in your original Stripe account that was blocking payments. You then created a new Stripe account but it obviously didnt work until you connected it to OFN.

We changed nothing on our end and I can confirm that at one point Stripe was blocking your payments for an unknown reason to the old account.

Unless you can ask Stripe about the account you have now closed we will never know on this one.