Advance orders, stock levels and stock control

Hello all,

We’d like to use OFN to take advance orders for order cycles which I have already set up.

So sorry in advance for my laziness I’m only really asking because I don’t have time to test this in a test shopfront, but, some questions:

  • can users and admins place orders for order cycles which haven’t opened yet?
  • if so, will the current stock levels be affected? I would guess they would, as there doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can link stock levels to order cycles or dates

The issue for us is this: we produce, say, 50 chickens per week. If I add future orders that would reduce the stock I have in the current order cycle preventing customers from ordering from this week’s stock. Obvs I don’t want that to happen, so is there a way round this. Am I missing some clever tweak somewhere to link stock levels to order cycles…?



Hello @jontheo - I am very sorry for the slow reply on this

In your scenario, yes any future orders would draw on current stock levels. I think the only way around this would be to clone the products, and rename them with a future date. You could then add these cloned products to current order cycles - making it clear that delivery would be at the future date - or add them to the future order cycles and open these future order cycles now. This would mean that shoppers would need to choose (before they place an order) whether they are ordering for this week or for a future period.

If you wanted to avoid shoppers having to make this choice of order cycle you could open a separate shopfront (with a separate url) that would manage future orders.

Let me know if you would like to talk this through more and apologies again for the delay in getting back to you