Automatic addition of enterprise summaries

Oliver set up an enterprise called Sabor a Sol which was on OFN as a hub for a very short while, which may or may not be related to what has happened. All he did was set up a new enterprise from the admin area. Now, when we go to the list of enterprise relationships, there are all sorts of permissions set between other producers and Sabor a Sol. We didn’t set these. They just appeared.

Now S&S have limited relationships with all Stroudco suppliers – attached is screenshot from superadmin so shows the end of the long list of all S&S relationships on the production instance. But S&S do not have relationships with any non-Stroudco suppliers. Also they have an ‘ALL’ relationship with Stroudco itself.

Is there any way this could have happened automatically when we were setting up S&S?

Hey @Nick,

I’m wondering if you ever had any further issues with this one and if this was something you experienced again?

If not, perhaps it could be good for us to see if we can replicate it (I realise remembering back that far is quite an ask!). But it would be good to see if this is typical workflow users might be going through, and therefore something we need to get to the bottom of



Thanks for following up on this Sinead. I will ask @olivermuller if it has happened again since then and if so I will see if we can replicate it.

Hi @Nick @SineadOFNSupport

Yes, I believe this is still happening. I’m on holiday but maybe Nick could have a look at some of the Stroudco producers? They should all have given permissions to Stroudco and vice versa but if there are en masse relationships between the producers, then that’s the bug.

Thanks @olivermuller! @Nick perhaps this is one we can also pick up on Thursday and explore?


I checked the Stroudco enterprise summaries and mostly they look good. The only ones that are a little suspect are the 7 Hinton Marsh Farm relationships at the top of this screenshot…

@olivermuller do you have any idea why these Hinton Marsh Farm relationships would have been set up?

I suggest that we close this now - it is clearly not a big problem

I don’t think that’s right, @Nick. When I look, I see that all producers have given permissions to Hintonmarsh Farm, Sabor a Sol and Woefuldane Dairy, none of which can be correct. It’s not a problem in our case, where none of them are actually using OFN themselves. But still, how did the get created and could it cause problems for other users in the future?