Back Office Usability Improvements


Hi lovely OFN UK Community,

As we all know, there are some unhelpful quirks of the OFN back office that make it quite annoying at times. We want to start pulling together a list of the most annoying quirks such that we can start to fix them, bit by bit.

In particular, we know that very often when you hit ‘back’ while navigating the back office you are taken back to a page that is no particularly useful and you have to click through a bunch of pages to get to where you want to be. This is a huge time waster and makes for an annoying experience.

If would be very helpful to the OFN team if we could start to make a list of every time you experience this. This way we can prioritise small tweaks to the back office to remove these, one by one.

When you find one of these pages please would you help out the community by:

  1. Posting a screen shot here of the page you were on before and after
  2. Add a few words describing what you were doing

Thanks very much for any submissions you are able to make here. It will go a long way to helping make the back office better!

Ping @olivermuller @SineadOFNSupport @Cathy @louisew @SaraR @vegorders @BMFH @Cultivate @Locavore and of course everyone that wants to contribute!


Yes, this is annoying! Seems to happen when you filter for something the search doesn’t ‘stick’ to the back button. So just checking a producers listing08 then if you edit a product and then hit Back it will take you back to the full products list as if you had hit the Back to Products button rather than the Back button on your browser. The same thing happens when you filter Orders by name or by order cycle. Rather than going Back to the list where you had filtered the search it goes back to the full list of orders.


I noticed what Sara says too. Also even if I’m not filtering, if I’m marking orders as paid on page 3, it will always get me back to page 1 and I have to click to get back to the page I was working on.


Just in Inventory tool - selecting Producer from drop down - would be nice if they were in alphabetical order.
I’m sure there’s other places like this to find


When you filter the orders or products the return button no longer acts as a keyboard shortcut and you have to click on Filter Results


From @Cultivate
When you clone a product it doesn’t appear to work. But if you refresh the screen it appears. Confusing UX.


Yes, I this is really annoying when searching through orders


We have multiple free shipping options such as various local pick-up points. If someone selects this then on the invoice the delivery address comes up as our own address but doesn’t show the shipping method. This means the delivery team can’t tell from the printed invoice where its supposed to be taken. Could the shipping method be shown clearly on the invoices please?