Backdating orders?


We have a few orders we’ve done already but they haven’t been paid for. Is it possible to issue backdated orders or is that just too complicated?


It looks to me like you can put an order into a closed order cycle. I’m looking at it now but I don’t want to actually do it for real so haven’t gone through the whole process.

In most setups this will cause problem though. If a hub has sent emails out to producers telling them how much to supply and an order is then later added the records won’t match. Even if that’s not a problem in your case, it’s important to mention for anyone else who may be reading this.


I did try putting it in a closed cycle, but it told me I didn’t have the stock. Whether that’s because I didn’t have the stock in that particular cycle or didn’t have it currently, I don’t know. But the short answer seems to be: no, you can’t do backdated orders.