Bulk Order Management

When I have meat delivered on a Friday I change the weights via Bulk Order Management to change the price charged to the customer. If the Producer has made the number available 0 for the following Order Cycle this error message is displayed when I try to save changes

In order to save the change to the weight I have to go back to Products and adjust the number available so that I can change the weight and so the customer’s invoice. I’m pretty sure this never used to happen! Is it part of the changes coming for standing orders? Can anybody think of a work around?

Thanks for reporting @SaraR.
I’m trying to track down exactly which release introduced these changes as that will help us identify a solution faster.
Our last production release was 10am Friday 9th.
When did you notice this problem? (Before or after that time)
And when was the last time you tried this action before that? (the week before, two weeks, maybe a month?)
If you can help with these insights it would be really helpful!

I do this every week and it was definitely before the 9th, in fact it must have been in May sometime because I mentioned it to the person who was covering for me whilst I was on holiday. It seems to be that the stock levels don’t ‘stick’ to the order cycle. That’s probably wrong thinking, but its the way it works in my head! Thanks for looking into it

Hey @SaraR,

Wondering if you’re able to help do a bit of backtracking on this issue please and if it’s still something that is persisting?

If it is, perhaps we could jump on a quick call to help me understand the issue and see what we can do from there.



Sure @SineadOFNSupport, ping me an email to arrange a chat