Bulk Upload/download feature?

Hi Folks,

We’re just getting our page up and running at the moment and are finding the create product function quite time consuming.

Is there (or could there be created) a bulk upload/download function?

We have this with EPOS systems we use and it allows us to download all products in a spreadsheet, make the changes in a batch such as price changes or addition of new items, before uploading it for a bulk update.

I know there is the Bulk Edit page but you can’t change everything about the product from it which means going to other pages and then scrolling around to make changes.

For us right now it is manageable without this function but if we were to start ringing in a wide range of products we’d be expending a lot of time that this function could save.



Hi Reuben,

This currently isn’t available directly for hubs, it’s good to know this would be helpful though and we’ll add it to our wishlist. We are able to migrate data via the codebase though - Stroudco transferred a huge amount of data in one go when setting up. Our developer team has to do this though so it comes at an additional cost - @OFN.UK Lynne, perhaps you can explain more?


It’s something we’d like to be able to do on a more regular basis too, either as a new OFN feature or by paying an OFN techie for it. :wink:

Hi all,

This is a feature that we are aware will be very useful. The international community has begun the process of specifying this feature.

@Locavore, @olivermuller it would be great to have your input on what you think this feature should do. Take a look on the international forum here and please add your ideas and comments: