Can anyone recommend a POS card reader

I have just had this email from Ali at the Tree:
From: The Tree Food Coop []
Sent: 14 February 2020 15:28
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Subject: stripe card reader

Hi Nick

We are looking to move over to stripe for payments. Can you recommend a suitable point of sale card reader?

Thanks Ali

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@SaraR I know that Tamar uses a card reader. Would you recommend yours?

Nick, for my ‘other work’ I did some research for cheap card readers. (WorldPay has smaller fees per transaction but you have a monthly cost which means you need a big turn over to justify it).
iZettle is one of the most popular and i think slightly cheaper but you can’t do remote payments (ie you can’t take payments from a customer over the phone).
Square is similar to iZettle (but you might be able to do remote payments) but their terminal doesn’t have numbers- it is just a contactless reader or a customer inserts the card and enters number (PIN) on your tablet/phone.
SumUp does both remote payments and the terminal has numbers.
It depends on the customer base- traditional (older) customers tend to want to key in their PIN and might object to using a tablet to do so.
If The Tree takes lots of remote payments (over the phone) then this has to be a consideration.

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