Can I integrate OFN with Worldpay


We’re currently using our own spreadsheets to administer our veg bag scheme. We arrange payments through worldpay. I’m very interested in migrating the sales and stock control etc to OFN but this would be pointless if I cant integrate worldpay as we’d have ask all our custoemrs to leave world pay and sign up for something else.

Can I use my existing worldpay account on OFN?

Hi @TallRob it is great to see Cyrenians with a profile on OFN. I don’t know enough about Worldpay to know if OFN can integrate with it. We will look into it and get back to you.

We are just about to introduce this new payment gateway and OFN is constantly adding new features so even if we cant do Worldpay now it will be feasible (especially if it is funded!) to add it in the future.

We will get back to you on Worldpay soon.

Great to have you in the OFN community anyway

Hi @TallRob ,

We have built our own software to manage our veg box subscriptions which more or less reduced workload by a whole job compared to when we used spreadsheets. It integrates open food network to let customers add extra items each week on an ad hoc basis on top of the core subscription.

We’re about to set up another business with it and would be happy to talk to you about it. Looking at your offer right now I think we could make it fit fairly easily. Give me ring if you would like to talk it through.

All the best,

Reuben - 0141 423 8685

Hi @TallRob I have talked to our development team and would like to talk through options with you before we look into integrating Worldpay. Please can we talk when you have time. I am on 01453 840037. Thanks

Something that may work for you is GoCardless - direct debit payments. Admittedly each customer would have to give you direct debit authorisation, so it doesn’t prevent them from signing up to something new. It’s a short one-page online form. You could then import all your weekly charges in bulk from a spreadsheet into GoCardless and take the amount by direct debit with a 1% processing fee.


The thing is, we already have over 100 customers signed up to world pay. I’m keen to start using OFN but migrating those customers to another payment system would render it all a bit pointless.


Yes @TallRob I can see why we need to integrate Worldpay in order to make OFN work for you (and several other potential OFN users worldwide who are asking for a Worldpay payment gateway option within OFN). Please give me a call when you are ready and we can talk it through. My phone is 01453 840037

Hi Nick. Thanks for getting back to me and for leaving a message on the phone. This is great news that you’re going to try and open up the OFN to WorldPay.