Can't add notification email address or manager anymore

I guess this may be an intentional change but I can no longer create an enterprise on behalf of a producer and then add their email address in the user section. Do they now have to be signed up to OFN first?

Hi @olivermuller you can still add them as a manager before they open an account but yes they have to have set up an OFN account and confirmed it before they can have manager access.

And yes they can’t be set up in the ‘NOTIFICATIONS’ box until they are a confirmed manager

@nick thanks but when I paste the producer’s email into the field it says “no matches found” and rejects the input.

But has been set up as a registered email and then confirmed @olivermuller ?

@Nick I only used this for the screenshot but the real producer email is also rejected. Are they registered? No, not yet. Which is my point. I’m guessing it will work once they registered as a user on OFN but I used to be able to add people for notifications without that. It changed in the last few days. The look of the screen has also changed.

Yes we are now on version 1.11 with lots of improvements including multilingual switching (useful for Wales as soon as we can find someone to do the Welsh translation).
This manager functionality is just to make sure that nobody adds a manager without them consenting to be part of OFN

Ahhhh - I have today come up against this whilst adding two new enterprises - I’ll tell the producers they need to sign up to OFN to solve my problem of not been able to add in user tab to be notified and as a manager. Thanks, the forum helps me see its not just me…

I’ve just come across the same issue. I think that the documentation needs to be updated to reflect this change. Currently it says this:

Manager: Other OFN users who have been granted permission to manage this account. If they don’t already have an OFN account, you can type in the new manager’s email as the notification email (see above), this will prompt them to get a confirmation email, and upon confirmation they will become a manager. If they’re already a OFN user, type their full email in the manager field.

Also, in terms of user experience, it’s not that obvious how to sign up and create an account. Would it be better to add a ‘Sign up’ link to the website? I realise that you can get it if you click on ‘Login’ but that may not be obvious to a new user.