Can't search by producer name on the map

I’ve just been helping a local organisation get set up on OFN. One thing that we noticed is that when you visit the map page on the website you can’t search for the producer by name. We found this a bit confusing as you can search for a producer by name on the producer page.

It would be great if you could search for producers by name on the map page as well as the producer page. I think this would help the end user to find their local businesses.

It’s not a huge issue, but I think it would improve the user experience. I appreciate that this may be technically difficult as the map and the producer page work in a different way - the former uses Google (I think), while the latter searched the directory of enterprises on OFN.

Also, I guess that you should be able to find an organisation on the map if it is listed in Google (though this won’t help organisations that don’t have a web presence).

Thanks @wmortada we will add this to the wish list. In the meantime, if you know the village or town of the producer you want to find, you can search the map for that.

Please keep the ideas coming - OFN is constantly improving and we have a great team of developers who keep making it better but user feedback is invaluable. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Nick. Yes, I realise that there are other ways to search, but I think being able to search by the producer’s name on the map would be a helpful improvement.