Change in customer details not saved for next time

Had this message from a customer this week “Not sure why but each time I log in I have to correct my email address to and next week
it is back to old one of

Is this easily fixed or is there some advice I can give the customer for a work around?

Hi Sara,

The customer must have created their user account with the first email address - the system will keep remembering this as the default until they change it.

If they login from the home page, hover over the cog and select ‘account’, this will take them to a their account page. From here they should be able to select ‘edit’ and change details, including their email and password.

If this doesn’t work let me know and I’ll take a look at it!


This sounds like stored browser data to me. You could suggest they Clear Browsing Data, an option generally found in Settings on the browser.

Hi @SaraR,

Just checking on this one - was it ever resolved?

As the most recent message on the thread states, this sounds like browser settings. Happy to investigate if still open and we’re able to get directly in touch with the user having the issue.



Hi @SineadOFNSupport,
Customer has now resolved this but she can’t remember how!