Changing the order in which variants and shipping methods display to shoppers

Question from Raph at Cultivate: I have a question regarding our online shop on OFN. Can we change the order of the quantities and of the shipping methods ? For example for aubergine 1kg appears before 500g and for asparagus it’s the opposite, I don’t know why. And for our shipping methods we want to gather options regarding collection from our stops and options regarding home delivery but on our shop they appear mixed.

I’ve also been asked if variants could be sorted in a more consistent way. I think this should be firstly alphabetically by variant name and then ascending quantity.

@Nick Just to add to this, I’ve tried entering SKUs for variants in case it sorts by that but it doesn’t.
I’ve also seen that in the variants screen for each product you can rearrange the order of variants by dragging them up or down but there is no way of saving this change. Not sure if @OFN.UK has any suggestions.

@OFNSupport @OFN.UK
Also related to this is the way it comes out on purchase orders. Our supplier Global Organic Markets had a long list of items last week and “Peppers, Red, 1kg” was somewhere towards the top, while “Peppers, Red, 500g” was at the bottom. With them not being grouped in any way, there is a higher chance of things going wrong and the supplier finds it also frustrating. What would be the best quick fix to get some sort of order into variants?

@Mags @SineadFenton @ewan @lynne any suggestions please for Raphaelle at Cultivate? If so please email her on Thanks

It doesn’t seem that there any logic to this.
I would suggest that at least ordering alphabetically gives and easy way for users to create the output they desire.
I’ll open an issue and email Raph.

Hi @Nick @olivermuller @Raphdlp

The fix is now ready to correct the ordering of variants in the shopfront. It will be released this weekend!

Still to come:

  • Fix the ordering in the producer emails
  • Fix the ordering of the shipping methods.

Both due in the August release.

Thanks all!

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