Checkout page jumps to the bottom

After selecting your shipping method when you check out the page sometimes drops right down to the bottom, so I select the pick up


Click on Next and then the page drops down to show

You then close the tab thinking you’ve placed your order but you haven’t! What you really need to do is scroll back up to select your payment method and then click on Place Order.

A few customers have managed to do this and think that they’ve placed their order. Can this be fixed?

Hey @SaraR,

Thanks for logging this, I’ve been able to recreate the issue and have logged it within github. You can find the issue logged here -

I’ll be following up with the developers to have this issue assigned out and worked on. I’ll provided updates via this thread.

Thanks again and apologies for the inconvenience.


Sinead - OFN Support

Thank you Sinead, that’s great!

Hey Sara,

Updates have been made in Github and I’ve done some testing without any issues.

Please let me know if you continue to have any further issues with this.