CIC- Business model conversion

I’m relatively new to OFN- but just spoke to a member of the team and they suggested I post here.
I currently have a Ltd company- but I’d like to turn it in to more of a social model.
Due to the fact that it’s Ltd by shares- it seems I can only covert to a CIC Ltd by shares (which I understand is the less favourable model).
Is there any one on here that either is a CIC Ltd by shares- or does anyone know of any good examples of such?
Thanks for your time- best wishes

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Hi @MDSRefillLiv
From this lack of response it looks like there is nobody on this forum who is using that governance model. You could try posting the same question in the OFN shopfront managers facebook group

We have had a lot of good support from Co-ops UK who helped to incorporate OFN UK as a co-op and we are now a member of Co-ops UK. You could contact them and ask for help with your governance structure