Couriers as a national shipping method


@SoleOfDiscretion please can you tell us how you manage your national distribution of fish? This will be useful for people like who want to start trading with other UK hubs.

Please can you recommend a courier and tell us a bit about how you manage packaging, etc.



Intercity Railfreight uses passenger trains to move a wide variety of freight between regional centres and London. On arrival consignments are distributed by electric vehicles thus collectively going a long way towards solving the challenges of route to market, congestion and pollution. There are no hubs involved so lower risk means we can fully insure consignments at no extra cost. Running at speeds of up to 125mph enables a fresher product to be delivered and frequency on some routes easily enables a sameday order/delivery cycle.
Also in plan are 100mph+ bulk freight trains on key routes.
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Jeff Screeton


Please see these replies from Sole of Discretion (who use temperature controlled distribution):

We use:
Vicky Parker
Tel: 01536 204080
Fax: 01536 266511


Gareth Hopes
Operations Manager
0333 241 0225 | 07739 093153


Hi @lynne @OFN.UK @olivermuller could we use one of these couriers to get Street Goat meat onto the Stroudco shopfront?


Everything is possible but even with Sole of Discretion I’m hesitant to order any more at this stage because of the large styrofoam boxes it comes in. I’ve got to get in touch with them and ask if they can use something recyclable.

Given that there is a way of getting things chilled but in acceptable packaging, the next point is that we no longer have much freezer space. So they’d have to ship just what is ordered in that week and I doubt that will be worth their while.


Sole of Discretion are now offering an environmentally friendly alternative packaging


There is now this low-cost courier service available to OFN shopfront managers. Let me know if you want log in details.


Hi Nick, i would be interested in the courier details for my breads please