Customers Logins - shop visibility


Hi Folks,

I’m having trouble getting getting our shop set up for customers.

We want it to only be open to our existing (outside of open food) customers initially when we launch so have selected ‘Require customers to login’ in the Primary Details settings. I have also experimented adding a few mock customer in the customers tab of the spree back office.

When these accounts log in the can not see our shop front and get the message ‘This shop is for customers only. Please contact Locavore Grocery to become a customer’. The Contact is a link which also doesn’t work.

Any ideas how we can go about making people customers that can view our shop and place orders?




Hi Reuben,
Just to let you know I’m looking into these issues for you. I’ll get back to you asap.


Hi again Reuben,

Firstly, I have replicated the issue in which the Contact link doesn’t work. This seems quite trivial and we are working on a fix to get out as soon as possible.

With regard to your customers, I successfully added a customer to your customer list myself and logged in and was able to access your shopfront.So now we need to figure out why your customers are not behaving as expected.

Could you tell me, did you create your customers (in your Spree admin page) before you created the accounts for these customers in the shopfront? If so, would you try creating the customer accounts in the shopfront before you add them as customers in your admin panel?

Let me know how you get on, and I will continue to look into the issue.



Hi Lynne,

It seems to work fine if the account is created first and then we add them as customers later.

I’d hoped when we added people as customers it might send an invite to join and begin shopping with us.

This way around we need to ask people to sign up, then ask them to get in touch to tell us, then add them as customers. Although we’re happy to do this it’s a pretty inefficient use of admin time. It’s perhaps something to add to the features wish list!

Thanks for the help,



Hi Reuben,

We sign up our wholesale customers for them with their email address and a standard password and then send them an email with some instructions. I know its a bit long winded but at least you can control the process and who can log in to your shop. Please get in touch if you want any help with this.



Hi Reuben,

I agree that your approach sounds like a big improvement on the exisisting, nice and intuitive. It may well be non trivial to implement. In the short term it sounds like @SaraR has a good approach:

  1. Create the user in the front end with their email address and a temp password
  2. Create the Customer for your enterprise and link to the user
  3. Email the user inviting them to use OFN and a link to change their password.

Thanks @SaraR for your tips :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I’m one of the mock accounts set up where it didn’t work… It’s impossible to unlink myself from the shop. When attempting to do so through spree I get the error message: " Delete failed: customer has associated orders " – even though actually I don’t have any orders, given that I can’t access the shop.

Is there a way to fix this or a way to delete my account so I can start over again?




Hi Doro,
I looked into this for you and it should be fixed now. You should be able to see the shopfront when you log in.
Let me know if you are still having trouble.


Hi @Locavore
Just to let you know, the issue you were experiencing with the Contact link not working turned out to be a less trivial issue than first anticipated.
We have a fix for this and it is currently in testing.
It will be deployed in the next release, expected early December.
Thanks for flagging this to us!



I’m trying to get my head around how to restrict access to people who are subscribed members of our scheme only.

Looking at the original post from Locavore, Reuben mentions selecting ‘require customers to login’ in the primary details settings.

I don’t know if the OFN has changed since then, but I do not have that option in my primary details.

I see from the thread that the best way to get customers started is to create an account for them in the front end, with a standard password, then add them to the customer list in spree.

I don’t understand how this prevents any user from ordering from us, and not just our members?

Unfortunately in the user guide there’s no section for ‘customers’, to walk me through this aspect.




Sorry, I’ve got it now!

I’ve set up a test customer, but when they go to their email to confirm their OFN account, the link they click on is broken and reads:


I don’t know if someone your end fixed this issue but the email link is now working! Thank you!


I’ve just had the same problems and I wish I had seen this first!

We are also setting up our food hub and want to keep it to customers only initially. I had the same issue as @Locavore. If we add the customer before they sign up then it won’t let them access the shop. The customer has to sign up first before we add them to the shop.

I then had the same issue as @doro in that it seems to be impossible to remove the mock customer I added to test this out. I can’t delete them from the shop. And if I log in as the mock customer I can’t delete the account.

Is there a fix for this?

On a related note I think there ought to be a way for a customer to completely delete their account on OFN if they want to. This is particularly relevant with the new data protection legislation (GDPR) that is due to come into force next month.

Many thanks for your help!