Customers not able to view shop/order with Mac/ipads and smart phones books?


I am the coordinator for the Black Mountain Food Hub and we used OFN embedded in our website.

Since I started as coordinator we have had numerous problems with customers not being able to view the products in the shop if they use a Mac book.

This may be a broadband issue as we are a rural area and seems to be more of an issue in people with lower broadband.

We have resolved in some cases by asking them to download Chrome or Firefox.

Also, others have reported that they can only view if they sign in as a Guest customer.

Either way these issue have lead to frustrations and I am sure we have lost customers as a result of just giving up.

Can anyone give insight as to why Mac book and ipad user can not view our products and order? Has anyone experience similar compliant?

Also, is is possible to get the shop to work on a smart phone, we have also lost customers because products can be viewed and many people prefer to order on their phones on the go these days.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Best, Candace


Hi @candace

I am sorry to hear about the problems that some of your customers are having.

This might be caused by your shopfront being embedded and your email about security certificates reinforces this. Please could you ask some of the Mac and iPad customers who are having problems to:

  1. Try placing an order using this link which bypasses the embedded shopfront and
  2. Send us a screenshot of the error message they are getting



Hi Candace,

I manage Stroudco Food Hub. We should compare notes some time.

Your issue is likely one of browser privacy settings. I’ve checked out your site in the past because I was intrigued by the embedding and wanted to do it for Stroudco. But your shop wouldn’t load for me in Firefox, which has all sorts of privacy and security settings and addons. In Chrome, which has none of these, it loaded fine. I’m sure the more technical people will know if it’s cookie settings or something else.

The long and short is that a simple link to the OFN URL will work for everyone.



How did you get your embedded shop to display so nicely? You are also on wordpress, right? I like how it’s full width and only has one scroll bar. Did you use custom css or a js solution or…?


@Matt-yorkley set this up for BMFH. You can play around with the height/width settings to ensure that the scroll bar disappears and then play around with the other content on the wordpress site to remove all else from the page.
As this conversation has nothing to do wtih the topic title perhaps you could open a new thread to discuss this?
I’m sure others will find it interesting and will never find it hidden in here :slight_smile:

Embedded shopfront display set up

Good point Lynne - I have started a new topic for 'embedded shopfront display set up’ here