Deleting a product and sales fee from an order

When an item doesn’t arrive and you delete it from the customer’s order or through bulk order management the Food Hub sales fee still appears on the customer’s order so you have to delete it as well. But if you change the quantity or the price of something the sales fee seems to change automatically. Anybody else found this or am I missing something?

Will take a look, thanks for raising @SaraR

Don’t think I’ve tried, Sara.

Is this a bug we need to report?

I have managed to replicate this Sara and you’re right, adjusting price or quantities triggers a recalculation of the fees, but if you delete the item all together it does not delete the related fee. I will flag this up on Github, but there may be a reason it has been set up this way - for example, if a customer changes their mind on a product at the last minute, but the hub has already incurred shipping or delivery charges that they still want to pass onto the customer.


I’ve solved this one, with the help of the Aus team!

We’re being silly. There is a big button at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Update and Recalculate Fees’ - delete all the products you need to delete and click this, and it will automatically remove the associate fees for you!

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