Different closing times for different producers?



We have a new baker that requires 48hrs notification time before delivery. All other producers can deliver within 24hrs. We don’t want to have the shop closed 48hrs before pick-up, therefore we were wondering if it is possible in any way to set up the order cycle so that bread becomes unavailable in the last 24hrs of the order cycle?

How are other food hubs working around different lead times across their producers?



Hi Sebastian,

Unfortunately there is currently no way to do this in OFN.

One work around might be to offer this bread as a subscription through OFN. You could ask customers if they would like to put in a regular order instead of offering to buy each week. Then the baker can know in advance how many to bake and customers can order as usual for the other products.
You can do this using the subscriptions functionality. Find out more details about how this works here:

Let us know if you’d like more information or instructions to use this feature.

All the best,


Could you have a seperate bread order cycle?


Thanks Lynne, this is a cool feature but at the moment we’ll stick with the manual orders. We’re also at the moment not in a position to pay 2% for the plan this feature requires, as we’re just starting and don’t really have any financial resources for this.


Thanks for the tip. That would indeed work. I’m a bit worried that in the user interface parallel cycles are easily overlooked. It would be nice to have multiple cycles still presented in a unified shop view.


That’s fine Seb, we completely understand. The nice thing about a percentage is that if you don’t get paid neither do we. Many hubs add the 2% cost to the product prices so that it doesn’t impact your margins. If you use the ‘Fees’ functionality you can also make this transparent to your customers.