Different units for variants


is it possible to have different units for variants of the same product? So, for example, sell onions by the kilo and per item? It seems at the moment the unit is a property of the product, not the variant.

Is there a way around this?


Ok, so one workaround I’ve found is to use to manually override the unit description. I can either use “item” or “kg” as the product unit (which is btw confusingly called ‘variant unit’ in the edit product section) and then manually override the “display as” field.

However, the display as parameter is ignored in both the order management backend, and in the confirmation e-mails sent to customer and hub - causing confusion (see screenshots).

Not to my knowledge.

thanks, I moved this to the whishlist

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks for highlighting this, you’re right, it does cause confusion.

I think really taking a step back from the workaround really whats needed is the ability to set the unit per variant, as from the last screenshots I can see that for the “pieces” we’ve actually got this showing as kg, which could raise alarm bells to customers on invoices.

I would say for now, it would be best to either set these up as separate products to alleviate the confusion or use a generic term like quantity and do what you’ve done in the first set of screenshots (open to suggestions if anyone thinks of something better!?)

In the meantime I think it would be good to look at building a use-case of how we’d envisage this working and what we want from this. I’ll draft something up and share via this post shortly so we can evaluate, add to, look at funding options and open up the discussion on the topic to the wider community.



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