Embedded shopfront display set up


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How did you get your embedded shop to display so nicely? You are also on wordpress, right? I like how it’s full width and only has one scroll bar. Did you use custom css or a js solution or…?


@Matt-yorkley set this up for BMFH. You can play around with the height/width settings to ensure that the scroll bar disappears and then play around with the other content on the wordpress site to remove all else from the page.

Customers not able to view shop/order with Mac/ipads and smart phones books?

I am trying to embed another shop front into this website:http://www.harvestworkerscoop.org.uk/site/?page_id=1280&preview=true

(password : shop)

But it is coming up blank. The host website is wordpress.org

I do not know why it is blank! Help!


Hi @DownFarm
Sorry this is not working for you
I will ask @Lynne.OFN.Tech to look at this and get back to you


Hey All,

For the embedded shopfronts to work your site needs to be HTTPS and not HTTP. This is for the extra layer of security, encryption and authentication which is really important when dealing with data etc.

If you look at your website hosting provider they may have an option to upgrade at a relatively reasonable price. In general it’s worthwhile exploring, especially if you’re collecting user data and wanting to take payments through it - there may also be GDPR implications for needing to do this too (not my forte but worth bearing in mind).

To note Google has also changed its algorithms recently to give preference towards https:// websites over http:// ones, it will also start notifying users that a website is “not secure” from October 2017:
“Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.”

An alternative option which I’ve heard about but not too familiar with is a free option of getting HTTPS onto your site through a software called Lets Encrypt, apparently we use it here (@Lynne.OFN.Tech are you familiar?) . This is the website: https://letsencrypt.org/




OFN is encrypted by Let’sEncrypt. We recommend it!


Thanks I will give it a go!


Should it all work once the site is HTTPS? or is there more then that?


Hi @DownFarm yes that should do it. Please let us know here if not. :slight_smile:


Here is how it worked for Neil at Burscough…

We are moving from a veg box scheme to a more flexible online ordering system. We had a page on our site that told people all about our Veg Box scheme, so it was a case of editing that page to remove all references to the Veg Box, and instead, giving people access to our shopfront via a new section on the page. I use the graphical editor plugin ‘Elementor’ to edit some of the pages on our website, so it was simply a matter of adding another section to the page and using an ‘HTML’ widget within the new section.

I re-typed the section of code below, substituting burscough-community-farm for happy-hens-farm, and .uk rather than .au. Finally, I changed the min-height from 35em to 100em and then pasted this into the HTML widget.


Here is a screen shot of the elementor page builder that we use on WordPress with the HTML code pasted into the HTML widget.


If you edit your website in HTML, you just paste this code into the relative section.

So that was it, if you go to https://burscoughcommunityfarm.org/our-produce/ on our website, you will see our OFN shop front seamlessly joined into our produce web page.