Error on Enterprise Fees set up


Hi There. I’m having trouble setting up Enterprise Fees. Keep being redirected to the error page with the attractive slug on a leaf image whenever I select “Update”. Anyone else experiencing this? Is it easily resolved by Support?
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I think send a support request. Shouldn’t be happening.


Hi all,
This should be fixed now. This was caused by some security updates to our servers that conflicted with another configuration variable. We’ve gotten to the bottom of this now and it should be fixed. Thanks for reporting!


Hi Lynne,

Thanks so much for all of your helpful responses. I look forward to seeing updates on Geographical settings. I’d like to ask you a couple of other things relating to the promotion of our Hub.

1.Can we generate a mailing list for all registered users of our Hub? Presently, we are visible to everyone, but I would like to set of for registered customers only and send a weekly email about products.

  1. How do most Hubs communicate with their customers. We’ve set up a facebook page, but it really does rely on people liking us etc… Any tips for marketing shop fronts?

  2. I would like to offer promotional codes for one off discounts, either for products or baskets. Is this set up on the OFN?

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Hi Andre,

  1. Yes we can. Though I’ll explain in a thread for that topic.
  2. Most use mailchimp newsletters as the main communication. We can set up automatic invite to mailchimp for registered customers if you like?
  3. There are some ways to offer discounts in OFN but currently no promotion codes.
    Hope that is helpful.


@AndreAlexander sorry you had this issue.