Error viewing account page


I’m currently unable to view my account page at I get an error message saying “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.” Is this just an issue for me or for others?


Hello @wmortada - I am sorry that you are getting this error. I have just tested that link and it worked fine for me. Please can you post up a screen shot here so we can investigate.
Thanks and apologies again for this hassle


Hi @Nick, thanks for getting back to me. I’m afraid I’m still getting the same error. I’ve tested this in Firefox (57.0.4) and Chromium (63.0.3239.84). I’m using Ubuntu Linux 16.04. Screenshot of error message below.

Screenshot-2018-1-22 We're sorry, but something went wrong (500)


Hey @wmortada,

I’ve just made a quick change to your account, could you clear the cache on the browser you’re using and have another go please?

Fingers crossed the fix has done it, otherwise there’s a couple of other things to try out.




Thanks @SineadOFNSupport,

I’ve cleared the cache on both browsers and tried again. Unfortunately, I’m still having the same problem.



Now I’m unable to log in at all.

I’ve reset my password so I can log in, but I’m still unable to access my account page.


Have just popped you an email with some sensitive information (apologies I had written a post to tell you, but didn’t send!).

I’m escalating this to development to take a look at the database.

Apologies again for the issues you’re having William.


Hi @wmortada,

Would you mind if I access your account to test this for myself?
I can’t replicate the issue on any other user that I have tried and it would be useful to dig further into the error you are experiencing.

In order to do this I will

  1. Update your email address to one I have access to in my administration screens.
  2. Reset your password.
  3. Test your account and log all the error details.
  4. Change your email address back to your email.
  5. Let you know and ask you to reset your password.
    If you confirm you are happy for me to do this I will look into it tomorrow.

Best wishes,


Hi Lynne,

Yes, that’s fine.



Hi William,
This took me a little while to get to the bottom of. I found some curious payments in your account history that had corrupted the data and resulted in the accounts page showing the error that it did.

I removed the corrupted data and now your accounts page renders as you would expect.
I changed your password to take a look into this so if you just reset your password using the Forgot Password link you’ll have access to your account again.

I am not sure what caused this, and given that you have been playing with your account quite a lot it may be tricky to track down. If you are creating payments and you see this happen again, please do let me know and take a note of exactly how you had been creating payments.

Your issue points to a small bug in our system and it would be great if we can track it down. So your help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!