Fixed web address for sharing products on social media

Hi all,
I am helping Country Markets set up on OFN but I also have an Etsy shop myself. I wondered if it would be possible in the future for individual products to get a fixed web address which could be copied and pasted into social media posts- a bit like the ‘Etsy Update’ facility.
Country Markets are looking to extend their customer base and one important avenue is social media advertising. I would like to be able to post a photo of a jar of jam we sell and put a direct link underneath to that specific product (or even the shop category it is in) rather than one only to the shop front. If someone can reach the product in only a few ‘clicks’ they are more likely to buy it, than having to go to the shop front and then search for the jar of jam they saw…
Hope that make sense.
Best wishes

Hi Louise,

Both of you ideas for clickable variants and products are very good and I think it would be interesting to explore them further.

To give you an idea of how new developments happen:

  1. OFN UK will pitch it to the global community to gauge support. I think this idea will be very popular.

  2. We create a more thorough specification and estimate the cost of development

  3. Then we work to fund the development. We have options, like crowdfunding from people who want the feature in different parts of the world. Or applying for a local funding pot in an area that wants the feature. This is generally the tricky step. If you know of any small pots locally to you that might want to support Country Markets in this way we can help you apply for the funding.

  4. Once funded we go ahead and develop the new features.

So that gives an idea. I’ll post on here once I share the idea with the global community for contribution.


Hi all,
I was wondering if there was any possibility any changes in terms of allowing products to have their own fixed URL were likely to happen in the near future.
Fixed URLs for products (I assume this maybe a problem due to the ‘order cycle’ nature of the software) would be very helpful.
It would mean we could do social media posts, for instance, which direct the customer straight to the product rather than the shop home page. I think fixed URL should also enable the software to be easily modified to encompass ‘outside-in’ searching (ie so that Google and other search engines might pick up the products as well as just the OFN shops).
I believe these changes would greatly help the global community, as well as West Midlands Country Markets.
Many thanks Louise

Hey @louisew,

We’ve started the discussions with the global community around this feature, what it would look like and scope. Early stages but as our support team mentioned in the earlier post we have a series of stages we go through when assessing new features, so we’ll keep you updated on the discussion.

I believe Nick is due to come back to you on a couple of items so can update you directly too once you next talk.



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