Food Hubs selling wholefoods

As a food hub we also sell wholefoods we package ourselves. How is this best listed on the OFN? Should I create another “enterprise” to list the produce we sell or should I list the Food Hub as a producer?

Hi James,

This is entirely up to you. If all your wholefoods are coming from the same supplier, you may wish to create an enterprise for that supplier (which you can manage yourself if they are not wanting to manage an OFN profile) and list all your wholefoods under that. However, it may be easier to just sell these as Black Mountain Food Hub - if you are repacking them with your own labels this may be clearer for customers too. You can always put further information in the product description to list the original supplier.


We have Stroudco Food Hub as a producer on Stroudco Food Hub, if that makes sense.

We also sell wholefoods and other products we buy wholesale as Tamar Valley Food Hubs. Keeps it simple to only have one enterprise to update