Forwarding to OFN store URL not working



I have tried to set up Forwarding to our OFN Hub from another web address without success. I have used the GoDaddy Forwarding tool and have even gone through it with one of their support team, but it looks as if the OFN Hubs may not be set up to function with URL Forwarding. Can anyone please shed some light on this please? So for example my web address should forward customers directly to the OFN page.


Hi Andrew,

URL Redirect or Forward is something that is set up directly with your domain provider. It is how the whole internet works ie redirects to a server address:

This is not an issue at the OFN end but something that you’ll need to make sure you set up correctly with your DNS (domain name service).

If you share the name of the provider I could look online for some help pages to get you set up.

Best of luck,


Hi Lynne,

Thanks for your response. I was assured by an advisor at GoDaddy that I’d set up everything correctly with them and that there appeared to be a level of security with the OFN preventing the redirect. They agreed with me that the simplest way around the problem would be to set up a landing page for my own domain name with an embedded link for my OFN hub. I’d really appreciate any more info you have on redirects with GoDaddy.

Thanks again



Hi Andre,

I’m just picking up on this and seeing how you’ve been getting on. If you haven’t managed to get any further perhaps we can arrange a time to have a look and see how we can get this working.

Sinead - OFN Support


Hi Andre,
We had the same issue with GoDaddy. For us the solution was to select “https” and not “http” in the forwarding section. You can also try including “www.” in front of “…” (not sure if it made a difference in the end, but I included it).

Also, bear in mind that with https on, you cannot turn on masking. This will result in a blank white page.

Also, bear in mind that any changes you make might take 24-48hrs to take effect. (This is GoDaddy’s official propagation time. In reality for us it took about 4-6 hrs to take effect.)



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