Fridges/freezers and food safety requirements help!

We are about to buy a fridge freezer for the west end food hub in Newcastle, which will be located in a community centre. Before buying equipment I really need to know;

  1. Can we keep both fresh meat and fresh veg in the same fridge, if they are on different shelves/containers?
  2. What about cheese/yoghurt? Can they go in the same fridge as meat?
  3. Can frozen meat and frozen other food stuff like fruits/ soups go in the same freezer?
    Any help much appreciated!
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Hi Ruth,
Great set of questions!
My understanding is that if everything is appropriately wrapped then they can go int he same fridge/freezer.
Let’s directly ping some people that will know the answer:
@SaraR @olivermuller
Sorry that no one spotted this earlier!
Best wishes,

None of its sounds like a problem to me. The Safer Food Better Business publication available here may help.

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