Fuzzy hub logo on shopfront

Does anyone know why even a high-res .png enterprise logo comes out quite fuzzy in the shopfront? I followed the back-office instruction and made it 100 x 100 pixel.

The OFN logo just above our Stroudco logo is much sharper and yet is tiny in terms of file size. It’s also a .png.

Hi Oliver,

Can you link me to the page you are talking about so I can see for myself? I have some ideas but would like to see exactly what you mean.


@garveymo this looks like it is related to the issue with the Country Markets logo. Please can you say a bit about your issue here and maybe link up the relevant CM people so that Ewan can kill 2 birds. Thanks

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@Ewan-Support Thanks for picking this up. Not a major issue but back in October I changed the logo to one with transparent background and in the process noticed that I couldn’t make it appear as sharp as it looks offline.

Have a look at https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/stroudco/shop

Country Markets have expressed concerns about the fact that the text banner overshadows the promo image on producers profiles. Is there any way to change this?

Hi all, and sorry for the delay getting back to you on this one.

I believe the crispness of the logo is determined by how the file is created and depends on a few things;

  1. The source image (vector or raster graphic)
  2. How the image is resized
  3. The export format and settings of the final logo file

So to start, do you have a vector version (eg Illustrator .ai) of your logo?


Hi @louisew please can you attach a screenhshot showing this problem. You can capture your screen with your ‘print screen’ button then attach the image to your reply here by clicking ‘upload’ Thanks

I tried an .eps file but it wouldn’t let me upload it. As I’ve said above, both our logo and the OFN logo are .png and yet the OFN logo is in focus and ours isn’t.

Yes a vector file such as the .eps will not be able to be uploaded directly to the OFN website.

It’ll need to be opened with photo editing software and then a new version saved. If you don’t have photo editing software you can send me the file and I’ll be happy to export a new version of the logo for you. Thanks

Hi @Nick, I think it is the semi opaque rectangle that goes across the bottom of the banner photo that Country Market’s head office were concerned about. I’m assuming this is written into the software.

Hi @louisew have you tried uploading a smaller image - it seems that some producers do not get the opaques rectangle…

Hi @Nick The Bentley Heath CM promo banner has a white background and so the semi-opaque background strip across the bottom is not visible. I have experimented with changing my promo image to a smaller one (exact dimensions 1200 x 260 as requested) but this made no difference. I also looked at other hubs on OFN and found that those which had non-white promo images also had the strip across the bottom.

@Ewan-Support ok but then what specifications should I use, when exporting the image. Bear in mind that I’ve already tried using the size specified in the OFN backoffice, as well as .png and .jpg. I think whatever is doing it is down to a process within OFN and not the source image.