Geographical Settings


Hi There! As a Hub Shop, how do I set up the geographical area in which I’d like to sell? Is it a function of Shipping Options?
THanks in advance.


Hi Andre,

You don’t really set this anywhere. You set your own location (your enterprise address) and the rest is done in your shipping options. If you only offer collection, then it doesn’t matter how far away customers live, as long as they are prepared to collect. They may even be abroad but are coming on holiday to your area. If you also offer delivery options, then you can for example set a different shipping option for different distances or to different towns and villages and price them accordingly.



Hi Oliver,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Very helpful response. I am setting up a delivery service and was concerned about customers too far afield accidentally placing an order for something from the Hub.
Another issue I have is minimum order value for delivery. I can’t find anything on this in the manuals. Do you know if it’s something I’m able to do? Say, a min order of £20 for home delivery.
Best Regards


Hi Andre,

I agree this would be useful. My workaround is to write in the delivery method title or description that it’s for orders of x amount or over. You can always offer a very expensive delivery option for all smaller orders. People are generally honest and choose the right one. If they don’t, you have the ultimately power to cancel the order.



And to let you know, this feature was agreed as an upcoming priority when the international OFN team met in Barcelona recently. So I’ll keep you posted as to when this feature is released!