Guiding principles for OFN UK shopfronts

One of the OFN values is subsidiarity and we want to encourage decisions to be made as locally as possible. So OFN UK tries to interfere as little as possible with how hubs are run as long as they work to these core values.

However, we also want to work with our community of users to propose some guiding principles in terms of how OFN is used. So please add your comments to this document which we will soon be linking to the OFN terms of service.

Hello Nick,
I’d guess there will be some reference to:

  • sustainable farming
  • environmental impact
  • respect for the animals
  • local products
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Could we be excluding communities that could really benefit from OFN if we demand all hubs follow those guidelines? Obviously the list is a good one - but if a urban London Hub started up that prioritised low cost, imported produce that was culturally appropriate to the community and focused on social aims in that community I would say that aligns with OFN values.

I wonder how we can welcome the more conventional (generally white, middle class) view of good quality food while also welcoming communities that have social aims of bringing people together around culturally appropriate, affordable, accessible food?

Perhaps we could be thinking about a ‘menu’ of ways that a food enterprise builds food sovereignty and ask that producers and hubs can speak to some of the values on the menu. And to suggest additions in line with their values if not.