Health and Safety plans, risk assessments and HACCP

Just starting out with a food hub in Helston, Cornwall. I’ve looked through HACCP and SFBB documentation which understandably are based around food preparation businesses whereas we intend to hold onto the food for as short a time as possible and probably not touch any of it, so the guidance seems to complex for my needs.

I’ve produced a simple table which outlines the critical control points, hazards and mitigation etc. and a table for recording. I’ve attached it here. Open in word for better formatting.
I have a separate Covid19 procedures doc.

What has anyone else done to provide adequate paperwork to cover H&S or any feedback from an EHO.



Thanks @helstonlocalfoodhub I will post this to the OFN shopfront managers’ facebook group and see what they have.

In the meantime here is the Stroudco H&S policy

Hi Alistair

You need to be guided by your EHO as they all interpret rules slightly differently, so for mine the Mercia Food Hub, I didn’t need one at all they were quite happy with the chat and have not even given me a rating.

What they did advise as our local area was moving away from rate my place and will just be using the food standards agency website was to not accept any producer below a four as we could no longer see the reports to identify what they may have lost marks for

Thanks both. EHO has fed back on the risk assessment / HACCP that I did. He was positive, made some comments and I have amended accordingly. It’s here.