Help plan guiding principles for OFN shopfronts

One of the OFN values is subsidiarity and we want to encourage decisions to be made as locally as possible. So OFN UK tries to interfere as little as possible with how hubs are run as long as they work to these core values.

However, we also want to work with our community of users to propose some guiding principles in terms of how OFN is used.

Here are some proposed guiding principles for OFN UK shopfronts:

1. OFN UK discourages the sales of products procured by multilevel marketing companies

2. OFN UK encourages the sales of local food products, or as local as possible - we purposely don’t want to add a definition of local or a number of miles because we know that local means different things for different areas of the UK.

3. OFN UK encourages sustainable farming/growing practices and the sales of environmentally-friendly products, with respect to the whole food chain - from production to packaging.

4. OFN UK discourages the sales of foods produced by big companies that already have easy access to several market channels across the country.

5. OFN encourages the sales of culturally appropriate foods for the community setting up a food enterprise.

6. As a general rule we want to minimise single-use plastic. However we appreciate that this is not a simple issue

7. Many food hubs struggle with the issue of multiple local producers wanting to offer very similar products. Some OFN food hubs apply rules like these (which are offered here as suggestions not rules):

  • the most local producer should have priority
  • The first producer to join the hub has priority
  • Any new similar product must have a point of differentiation such as sold in different volumes/different packaging, etc

Please add your comments below so we can finalise these guidelines and soon linking them to the OFN terms of service.

Thanks for helping to guide our Network :slightly_smiling_face: