How do I edit the SKU field?

We imported product details from the old Stroudco system and this include a product code that now shows up on the purchase orders we send to producers (see below) under a heading SKU. I can’t see where on the bulk edit products screen we can edit the SKU field or how we can add an SKU when we are entering a new product…

Hi Nick,
In the Bulk Product Edit screen there is a drop down on the right side called columns. If you click this you’ll see ticks next to all the visable columns. If you check ‘SKU’ this will also appear.
You can also edit the SKU in the edit variant screen and the inventory override screen.
Let me know how you get on editing the SKU using these options as they weren’t saving correctly for me just now. We might need to open as a bug.

Thanks Lynne (or was it Mags who replied to me?!!?)

Yes this worked fine for me thanks and all the test changes I made saved OK.

The only odd thing is that the SKU column is blank in the bulk edit products screen (see first screenshot below) even for products which do have a saved SKU (see 2nd screenshot)

Hey Nick,

I’m conscious this is an old one but I’m keen to work through any potential inefficiencies and see if there is something we’ve perhaps missed in the workflows or explore the room for improvement.

I’m just trying to understand the issue in a little more detail; do you think this is something we could perhaps pick up on a call so I can get the context around SKU and the workflow you took for this if it’s still something that is causing an issue?



Hi Sinead
Thanks very much for picking up on this. Yes I am happy to talk it through. I will need to refresh my memory. Would it be OK to leave this until our next UK mumble meeting? This is not urgent for me but I am happy to pick it up sooner if it is more urgent for you

Hey @Nick,

No problem, just starting to go through the process of reconciling and follow-up testing. Aware this is something from a long time ago, so will require a bit of back tracking!

So let’s pick up on Thursday!