How do I restrict viewing of certain products to certain customers

How do I restrict viewing of some products to some customers, I have created tags in the customer area, but unsure how to link this to some products.

Hi Alex,

Once you have tagged the customer, you also need to tag the product, and set up a Tag Rule to dictate how this works The Tag Rules page can be found in Enterprise tab.

There are step by step instructions in the user guide here -

If you’re struggling to get this working for you, let me know exactly how you’d like to see it set up and I’ll show you how to do it in your own shop.



I’m trying to do this, I followed the guide and I got it working, but for some reason it stopped working. I don’t remember doing anything. The product variant is always shown, despite the tag.

I have the following setup:
I have a product variant tagged as “mealbox”.
I have certain customers tagged as “mealbox”.
I have a default tag rule that hides product variants tagged as “mealbox”.
I have a tag rule that makes product variants tagged as “mealbox” visible to customers tagged as “mealbox”.

I’d need some urgent help on this, as our hub will go live for the first time tomorrow and I need this fixed as soon as possible. Thank you!


here are the screenshots of the tag rules:

and here is the shop front with the variant wrongly showing up.

Hi @SineadOFNSupport please can you let us know where we are at with this issue on tagging variants? Thanks

Hey @Nick & @northshieldshub,

Really sorry about the issues with this one. I’ve spent the morning testing to understand the extent of the issue and this is a bug. It’s been logged on github as an issue and I’m in the process of chasing up with development about plans to get this rectified.

Really sorry about the inconvenience and hopefully I’m able to get this picked up and moving asap.

In the meantime, let’s see if we can think of a workaround. What exactly is it you’re trying to do and we can work out from there how we might tackle this.



Hi Nick and Sinead,

thank you very much for you support and picking this up quickly. Hope you find a solution!

thanks again,

@northshieldshub in the meantime let me know if you would you like us to have a screen share session, we could could look at some options for working around this issue until it is fixed. I am around of and on this afternoon and over the weekend. Best to leave a voice message on 01453 840037 and let me know what times work for you.

Sorry again about this bug