How do other hubs deal with products from wholefood wholesalers?


We are thinking about stocking some products from a wholefood wholesaler. We were wondering if and how other hubs did this?

Many of the wholesalers have a huge list of stock - thousands of items. This would be a huge amount of work to input and update. I’m not sure if there is a way to import this information automatically but even if we could this would be swamp the listings on our shopfront.

How do other hubs deal with this? Do you just choose a small selection of products to stock? How do you keep the prices updated?

Thanks for your help!


Yes several OFN hubs stock products from wholefood wholesalers. I have most experience with Stroudco Food Hub so I will write about that and leave others to share their experience here if they have time.

Stroudco has learned which wholefood (and other wholesale) products its shoppers are willing to buy and then stocks just those items. We buy from Essential Trading in Bristol who have a minimum order value of £250 so we buy in from them, update our stock levels and prices if any of their prices have changed and make those products available on our shopfront.

OFN is testing a new feature which will enable bulk data import so that hubs can import large databases and update prices. We will let you know when this is available.

Customers who don’t want to see the products from the wholefood wholesaler can use the ‘produced within 15 miles’ filter on the shopfront.


Thanks @Nick, that’s really helpful. So, do you buy the products in advance and keep them in stock for potential orders? Or, do you only purchase what a customer has ordered? Approximately how many lines do you stock?

The bulk upload could save a lot of time, but I imagine that there would be some work to get the data into the right format for uploading.


Yes we buy in advance so that we can meet the Essential minimum order value. We can also add ‘special’ to the Essential order for shoppers who want to buy in bulk.

We stock between 10 and 100 Essentail lines - you can see on the Stroudco shopfront that there are 46 in stock at the moment (search ‘Essential’)

Yes - I haven’t been involved in testing of the bulk upload feature but i think it is quite flexible (and luckily for us the Essential database (10,000 items) was one of the databases we used when designing the functionality :slight_smile:


Thanks Nick. That’s really helpful.

I look forward to hearing more about the bulk upload feature in future.