How to add 0.x kgs

Our shopfront on the OFN lists vegetables/fruit in kgs. Sometimes when we’re packing orders for customers the quantity we have left is less than one kg. I want to amend the order and the invoice to reflect this, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to use 0.X of a kg?
How would I do this? (I would rather not have to add a variant of 100gs if another way is possible)

Hi Alice
I’m really sorry but it’s only possible to enter integer quantities for goods. Hence 1 kg or 900 g but not 0.9 kg.
If you ask all your producers to list items which are sold by weight with additional variants in 100 g quantities then when you edit the orders things should be more straight forward for you.
The development team have explored implementing not integer quantities for sales in the past but sadly it wasn’t possible.

BUT there is a special functionality within OFN for irregular weights when selling whole meat or large vegetables which I think would work perfectly for you:
Let us know if you have any questions about how to use the bulk order management page to reflect an actual weight of product supplied.

Best wishes with your sales. Nice to hear that demand is out stripping supply (good position to be in!)
Kind regards

Hi Alice,

While Louise is correct that we can only have products in integer quantities actually we have specifically developed functionality for exactly this case. It is a very common one with meat and vegetables.

After an order has been placed you can update the weight in the Bulk Order Management page to reflect the actual weight supplied. This is described in the user guide linked above.

Let us know if you have any questions on how to use it.

All the best,

Hi Lynne,

Thanks so much - this is exactly what I wanted.


Hi Lynne,

I’m getting a message saying ‘Fields with red borders contain errors.’ I’m trying to change the quantity from 5kg to 4.6kg

Edit: This isn’t urgent, I managed to find a way round it by opening the product. It then worked.