How to let the public browse a 'customer-only' shopfront

I just had this request from Katie at Farnham Community Farm. Suggestions welcome:
We want to limit access to our shop so only members of our farm can place an order. Am I right in thinking there is no way for an individual to view our shop without me adding them to our customer list first? It would be great if they could fully see the shop and all our items, but that they couldn’t place an order until we say so.

I’ve already had an email from a non-member this morning, asking if they can see what’s in the shop before they decide to sign up as a supporter member, so I do see this being an issue. I’ve sent her a couple of screenshots to show everything we have available in the mean time, but it would be good if she could look at each item and all the details.

My first thought was that Katie could set up an order cycle with 2 duplicate outgoing sections. One could then be tagged for customers and the other publicly visible. The publicly visible one could then be set up with a note in the ‘ready for’ box saying 'this shopfront is for browsing only. If you want to but please register as a customer.

Is there a better way @SineadOFNSupport @SaraR @olivermuller

I offered the following workaround to Katie, awaiting feedback.
NB: There is already a note at the top of the shopfront saying that only members can shop. This may need to be more explicit. The shop has currently got only one active payment method.

  1. Switch the shop to public so that anyone can view it
  2. Tell OFN that people need to log in to shop
  3. Make the payment method visible only to members by
    3.1 tagging the payment method
    3.2 tagging customers in the customer list
    3.3 setting up respective tag rules in enterprise settings

The result is that people cannot check out unless they are tagged as members because they cannot see the payment method. It’s not perfect as there is nothing telling them why the checkout doesn’t work. The method relies on the manager tagging every new member accordingly.

See here for more on tagging.

Thanks Oliver. Here is the screen where you can set the shopfront to ‘PUBLIC’ and set ‘REQUIRE LOGIN TO ORDER’