How To Solve - Email Notifications not Arriving

Sometimes emails sent from OFN do not arrive as expected in the inboxes of customers and suppliers. This guide explains why that is and lists all the steps you can take to try and solve it.

The internet is full of spam. Most emails on the internet are spam - by some accounts over 90% of all email traffic is spam. This relentless torrent of spam means that email providers are constantly working around the clock to make sure that the emails that end up in our inboxes are real and genuine emails. Unfortunately sometimes they block the wrong ones - like ours - false positives. While we do everything we can in OFN to stop these emails disappearing into the ether, sometimes we need your help!

A fun fact before we get to the boring bits...

Did you know that Spam got its name from early internet users that used the term to refer to application that pumped out loads of erroneous and unwanted data. The term was used in reference to this Monty Python sketch. And the term stuck!

Alright, now we've had a dose of laughter it's time for action!

If you or a supplier or customer notices a missing email take the following steps.

  1. Notify OFN UK Support team as soon as possible.If you do this within 2 days the team can track down he email and identify exactly where the problem occurred. We can contact the system that marked the email as spam to ask them to update their records. However, after 3 days email records are deleted and we won’t be able to do anything.

  2. Make sure is in the Safe List, their Address Book, their Contact List etc etc. If a producer or customer reports a missing email ask them to do the same.

  3. Always mark the email Not Spam if it is ever discovered in Spam folders. If a producer or customer reports a missing email ask them to do the same.

  4. Finally, you can do some targetted actions for specific email providers:

And finally... some closing words...

The battle against spam on the internet is never ending. Ever since there was digital communitication, with zero marginal cost and very tiny non-zero returns, there were people working to take advantage of this, exploiting our inboxes for tiny margins.

... Dramatic Pause ...

While we might have to accept the fact that spam will always be a reality, we can work together and do everything in our power to ensure the right emails, those that are just and true, make it into inboxes everywhere. Together, we will not be defeated. Together, we will receive our notifications!

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