Improvements to shopping experience for customers

We’ve been testing out the OFN system today and testing the experience for a new customer. Generally the system is great and we appreciate all the work that has gone in to build it. However, there were a couple of issues that we came across that we think were confusing and could be made easier for a new customer. Here are our suggestions.

When placing an order, a customer selects the items they want to order and then scrolls down to the bottom to proceed. The button that they are presented with says ‘Edit Cart’. We found this confusing. We felt it should say something like ‘Place order’. The customer hasn’t reached the cart yet so why should they be editing it?

Next, when the customer comes to enter their address they have to enter a county. We live in Newcastle, which is a metropolitan area and doesn’t have a county. (There is a ceremonial county of Tyne and Wear, but this is largely historical and isn’t much used nowadays. Unfortunately, this isn’t on this list either.) Newcastle is on the list of counties even though it is a city not a county and the user will have likely entered this in the previous field. All of this is pretty confusing for a new user. Because this field is required it prevents them from placing an order. It would be much better if the county field should be optional not required. It should also be an actual list of counties rather than a mixture of cities and counties.

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Thanks William - we are always pleased to hear of ways we can improve OFN for the shoppers and the back-end users.

We will take on both of these points and add them to the development process. We will keep you posted as these changes come through

Thanks again and please keep the suggestions coming :slight_smile:

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Thanks @wmortada & @Nick. I agree with your points too and thank you for raising them, it’s always really helpful for us to get a new users perspective on using the system.

I’ll put together some notes and get these posted on our international forum and github and post any links etc here once online and available to view/comment on etc.



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