Insurance for online community food enterprises

At the request of the newly-forming Cults Food Hub, this is an old insurance schedule for Stroudco Food Hub.

It would be good to hear from food enterprises of other insurance options.

Rachel here from what we are actually calling the Deeside Food Hub which will be in the Cults area of Aberdeen. I am struggling a bit trying to find an insurance company that recognises our activities. Am I right that the insurance I am looking for should be Public Liability, Employers Liability and possibly cover against stock loss (even though we will only have it in our possession for a short time). The fact that much of the work is being done from home except “market day” which will happen at a local charity premises seems to also be confusing for insurance companies.
How have others approached this please?

This is cut and pasted from the OFN shopfront managers’ WhatsApp group. Email support@openfodnetwork, if you would like to join this group

[7:01 pm, 19/10/2020] Rachel Gambro: Hope this is the right forum for this question but I am looking for some guidance on insurance please. We are an unincorporated association, being hosted by a local charity to undertake a fortnightly food hub, no other ongoing activities at present and have been quoted £300 for £2M pub liab and £10M employers liab. Is this the right level of cover? Should such insurance be that costly? Any suggestions of useful companies/brokers I could compare with please? Thank you
[7:07 pm, 19/10/2020] Sara: I’m afraid that sounds about right for a basic level of insurance, unless anybody else has more insight?
[7:07 pm, 19/10/2020]
: I’m afraid I can’t recommend our brokers as at all useful, but in terms of what you pay, according to ours it’s about right
[8:04 pm, 19/10/2020] Rachel Gambro: Thank you - I am surprised but good to know it is not way out of range
[9:25 pm, 19/10/2020] : Try NFU mutual, they are consistently highly rated. (Ideally don’t join the NFU though!:dizzy_face:) Sadly food product liability insurance is costly, and you’ll almost definitely need public and possibly employer’s liability insurance as well, even if you only have volunteers! A necessary evil.
[9:33 pm, 19/10/2020] We have struggled to get any answer to the question of whether volunteers are covered. That’s a) volunteers packing orders in the hub and b) volunteers providing consultancy i.e. marketing, legal etc, like What if they give us poor advice we act on or draw up a draft agreement we use and then get taken to court/shut down etc?

Now I think packing volunteers should be covered under employers liability but the latter has been the bigger concern and we are struggling to find out if we are covered and if not, how we get covered
[9:36 pm, 19/10/2020] : They will tell you what numbers of employees or volunteers you then need employers liability - doesn’t matter what role the volunteer does
[9:36 pm, 19/10/2020] : Ask your NFU rep they were clear with us that an organisation “employs” volunteers and has legal responsibilities toward them in the same way as paid employees, therefore the insurance covers them as well.
[9:42 pm, 19/10/2020] Rachel Gambro: I understand public and employers liab but question the product liability as we are only passing on product that has been prepared and packed by the supplier. We are not creating any product ourselves and only holding on to it for a short time. Am I wrong?
[9:51 pm, 19/10/2020] : My insurance us with Nature Save and I have public, personal, product and employee liability. This covers growing ceg and field work, packing and delivering veg boxes, and cover for volunteers and people on self employed contract that do jobs for me
[9:54 pm, 19/10/2020] : Funnily enough that’s who we are with and haven’t been able to get any useful info from them about coverage for volunteers ! Our contact takes weeks to respond, if at all and the answer is always basically “don’t know, sorry”.
[9:54 pm, 19/10/2020] : I pay around £350 yr
[9:56 pm, 19/10/2020] Rachel Gambro: This is all very interesting - thank you for sharing everyone