Is there a way to run a sales report?

Hi Folks,

If there a way to run a report that gives total sales for an order cycle and ideally total sales for a selection of order cycles?

I want to quickly check how total sales for the order cycles have been going over time.

Any help much appreciated.



Interesting question. I was curious and went to have a look but don’t think there is a ready made report for this.

Thanks for asking @Locavore!
Two parts to this answer.

  1. We’re just undertaking a revamping of reports to give much more flexibility. I’ll add this to the feature list we’d like to see because you are right it would make things much easier!
  2. I think that our friends in Australia have a clever way of opening the CSV download in a spreadsheet application and having this information available at the ready. I’ll get in touch with them and find out.

I think (although I may be wrong) that Oliver is right here. The way I would do this at the moment would be to download each order cycle as a csv and sum then in Excel. I will ask @OFNSupport to say if there is a better way. Also we are working on a big update on all reports so I will feed this idea into that process via @OFN.UK

Hi Reuben,

There are a couple of different reports you might find useful, all accessible from the ‘Reports’ tab in the shop admin.

  • Sales Total report will allow you to check the total for a current order cycle whilst it is running. You just need to input the start date for the order cycle in the date range at the top of the page and hit search. This is just a quick snapshot though and doesn’t break it down by product or producer, or by order cycle if you select a period that covers more than one order cycle.

  • Order Cycle Customer Totals is a very useful report, and will give you specific order cycle totals broken down by customer. You then just need to export the CSV and do a quick sum for each order cycle - column Y in the spreadsheet tells you which order cycle each order was for, and as you have named your order cycles numerically (very sensible!) you can easily sort the data so it is grouped by order cycle. When inputting the search criteria at the top of the page to generate the report, you need to put the start date back to before the first order cycle (its default setting is the first of the current month) but then ignore the remaining boxes and just select the order cycles you wish to look at from the final box (see pic below)

I agree that a simple report that show order cycle totals for your hub broken down over a period of time would be useful, we’ll add this to our wish list!

If you want more detail about generating reports feel free to drop me an email and we can do a bit of a tutorial hangout some time, if that would be useful.



Thanks Mags and everyone else. That does what I was after after a bit of faffing around!

It would be nice if it was easier to get this data for weekly cycle sales overtime so it would be good for the wish list.