Item pricing adjustments


Currently we have set a blanket % profit margin for our enterprise that is automatically added to the cost of each individual item on our store. This just isn’t working for us so can anyone tell me how to do this differently? We’d like to assign the selling price for each item individually. E.g. 20% profict on apples, 35% on salad, etc. I know we can ‘fudge it’ by changing the cost we buy it in for but we’d prefer not to do that. Thanks


Hi Simon,

You can’t have a separate percentage per product as far as I know, but you can have a separate percentage for each supplier. This would be done in the incoming part of your order cycle.

Having set up different enterprise fees, you allocate the correct one to the relevant supplier.

Hi Oilver

Doing it by supplier it’s any good for us as it’s individual items we need to adjust according to the market prices elsewhere. For example we might want to reduce our margin on something because we want to stock it but can’t justify charging over a certain price in order to keep our food affordable. For us having the ability to be able to set the selling price for each product is absolutely crucial to our equity model and will limit our ability to use OFN. Is there anything OFN can do abut this?


Hi Simon,

I’m pinging @Lynne.OFN.Tech in case there is a workaround I can’t think of or they have something in the dev pipeline. I know one of our own directors at Stroudco would welcome being able to adjust markups by product or category.

When I reduce the price of something, for example as a special offer, I simply change the cost price down and that’s ok if it’s my own stock sold by my own enterprise. It’s also ok in cases where suppliers charge you their list price regardless of what’s on your purchase order. Some small suppliers will just invoice what was on my order but larger ones ignore the prices on my email and invoice from their own system. In some cases it can lead to confusion, of course, if you change the cost price down.

Some of the things I do:

  • Don’t add a markup or add a zero markup to a supplier. Then enter the producers RRP instead of their cost price.

  • Add some products to my own enterprise and set the price to whatever, then order separately from the producer.

  • Change prices for some wholesalers on a weekly basis.

Hi @Cultivate Simon,
You can set a cost price and price within a product variant that might help with what you need.
However, these fields act different to fees in reporting. So I’ll need some more information to be sure I know what you need.

How are you hoping to extract this information from OFN? Is there a report you are using (or planning on using) to track your fees and margins for different enterprises? Perhaps we could have a chat on the phone to understand the exact use case? Then we can make sure you have all the tools you need from there.

Does that sound like a good next step?
Best wishes,

Hi Lynne

Yes a call would be much appreciated and save quite a bit of time I think. My number is 07513551922. Thanks.


Hi Simon,
Apologies I have not had the chance to call you yet. Is it correct that you work on Cultivate Mondays and Thursdays? If so shall we schedule a call for Monday?

HI Lynne

Yes, please do call today - this afternoon between 2 - 3pm would be great. It would be better to speak to my colleague Joe as he is the one that manages OFN as a general rule. His number is 07704 769098. Thanks.


Hi @Cultivate Simon and Joe,

Great to chat on the phone yesterday!

If you want to play around with adding different markups to specific producers you can do this by:
1) Creating the Fee
You can do this by going to Enterprises -> Manage Enterprise -> Enterprise Fees. You’ll see the following screen. Here you can see this enterprise has created three different fees - W, E and Mark Up.

2) Adding the Fee
Now you can add the specific fee to the correct producer in the Incoming section of the Order Cycle page. In the image below you can see that this enterprise has three options of fee that can be added to the Producer - W, E and Mark Up

Hi there - Rachel here from the very new Deeside Food Hub. I am struggling a little with the retail price of products too and wondered if we could please speak on the phone? I understand you can add a different markup per supplier but dont think that totally solves my issue. Thank you for any help you can provide.