Limiting shipping options by postcode

Hi all - new here as we exploring setting up a hub in the Leeds area. We would be starting small scale at first and although we want to offer home delivery, we could only cover a few postcodes.

Is there a way to limit home delivery offer to a certain postcode? I can see there are ways to tag the delivery option and the customer and use tag rules, but it seems you would need to do this manually for each customer (and it wouldn’t apply to a new customer, presumably).

Can anyone shed any light on the best way to do this, and how they manage it?

Thanks! James

Hi James
Lovely to hear from you and really excited by the potential for a food hub in Leeds. This is something we would love to help you set up.
At present there is no automated way to limit shipping (delivery) methods based on customer address (or postcode). As you mention, the best way to implement this on the platform currently is to use tags, following a method similar to the one outlined here.
I know many of our hubs (large and small) use the tagging method for limiting their delivery options to selected customers (Tamar Valley, StroudCo and many others) successfully. It is something the OFN support team can help you set up. We can also talk through other options and facilities of the platform if you wish. Please drop us an email
Alternatively we host a new user drop in session on Zoom every Thursday 10-11 am on this link which you are welcome to attend to chat about the platform etc.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards

Hi @jamesfh

Great to hear that you are considering a hub in Leeds. I was talking to a farm in Leeds this week who were asking why there is not yet a hub in Leeds :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to add to Louise’s reply above, I am part of Stroudco Food hub; we have this map that we show on our shopfront to make it clear exactly which postcodes we deliver to. We then use the description box on the shipping method to make it clear to shoppers and buyers that if an order is placed for delivery outside of this area then we might have to cancel the order and refund the payment less a 5% admin charge. We don’t get any orders outside our delivery area :slight_smile:

I hope to see you at a drop in session soon. If Thursday mornings are not good for you, let us know and we can arrange a 1-2-1 screen share with you

Hi Louise and Nick,

Thanks so much for your quick responses. We’re in quite early stages and trying to do this on a shoe string currently so really grateful for your help.

Thanks for the examples and the map, that is definitely something we could do for our deliveries. Glad to hear it isn’t an issue in practice Nick as I didn’t want to be cancelling lots of orders!

Fab to hear you were talking to a Leeds based farm! We’ve got a few local producers interested already but of course we’d love to grow. I will try and make the drop in session this week or next if I can free up some time :grin: