Making home delivery available to members only

I just had this question from Simon: "On our store, most of our customers will order for pick up from our mobile shop. However, we want to have a “members only” option whereby our existing customers who get home delivery can add products on to their regular veg box home delivery.

At the moment you will see we have set it up as a separate order cycle, but there is nothing stopping anyone from selecting this option - perhaps it is possible to have a different shopfront to which we can send our members or can you think of any other solution?

In addition, we wanted to create a separate delivery method which would be “home delivery” but it applies this to all of the order cycles, so we don’t want to give new customers the option of home delivery until they become members (or even give them the impression it’s an option) - is it possible to select which order cycles a delivery method is applied to?

Hope this all makes sense, just let me know if anything isn’t clear about the above! I had a look through the support forums and couldn’t see these things addressed but perhaps they have been before. Most appreciate your feedback on this, understand the nature of developing this software but just wanted to run this past you to see if you had tackled these issues before."

This is my answer. Yes you can just ‘tag’ the products as ‘member’ and then in ‘CUSTOMERS’ tag all your members as ‘member’ then set up a ‘TAG RULE’ which makes those products (or variants to use the OFN term) as ‘NOT VISIBLE’ by default but ‘VISIBLE’ to any user tagged ‘member’.

In the same way you can ‘tag’ the home delivery method as ‘member’ and then set up a ‘TAG RULE’ which makes home delivery ‘NOT VISIBLE’ by default but ‘VISIBLE’ to any user tagged ‘member’.

You could also use tag rules to make just the one of the ‘Lochranza/Corrie’ pick up or the ‘Brodick’ pick up only visible in the relevant order cycle

Here is some detail on how to use tag rules.