Making Price Changes to Enterprise Relationship products


Hello Community!

I’m attempting to set up our first order cycle with products from a company that we have an Enterprise Relationship with. However, the prices they have set are not for retail but cost to us. Is there a way we can change these prices for our customers to see, are any special permissions required? I realise permissions can set to “Manage Products” but I thought this would be too much access for us for the supplier to be comfortable with. I’m sure this is a simply resolved issue and any pointers would be much appreciated.

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Hi Andre,

If I understand you right, this is a very normal situation. The supplier has put in the prices they want to get paid but you need to add a markup for yourself. So after adding them to your Order Cycle, in that same screen, you add a fee to the right of the supplier. If you haven’t set enterprise fees yet, you can do this in your enterprise settings. This will then increase the price shown to customers. As always, remember to add the new products to the outgoing part of the OC as well.



Thanks again Oliver. I hadn’t experienced this before as, until now, I had created all of the enterprises for my Hub. These were the first products set up by another OFN enterprise which I have access to. Unfortunately, there is an error when trying to set up the Enterprise Fee which I’ve reported to the Forum.
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Hi Andre,
You can also import their products to an inventory and set the prices there.
There is more information here:

Let me know if you have more questions.

Also, we are working on the Enterprise fee error as a highest priority issue so hopefully will get this sorted very soon.


Hi Lynne

Thanks so much for your help. With a few adjustments to my inventory management settings I was able to edit the producer’s products in Inventory. Very useful!
Could you also confirm for me please, when an order cycle finishes, will Producers who give me permission to sell their products be able to pull off an order sheet or pick list for my orders? Also, is there a pick-list function within my own Hub’s order management system?
Thanks for letting me know about the Enterprise Fees issue too.
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Hi Andre,

In Reports - Packing Reports you will find out default packing lists for Hubs. Producers will also be able to see the list of orders when they log in. And when an OC finishes you can click ‘Notify Producers’ in the Order Cycle screen to send an email to all of your producers with their order.

We can also make more custom reports for you, that can be emailed or perhaps link with your Google Drive if that would be useful. If you can’t find what you are looking for let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Also, Enterprise fees should be saving correctly again now. Let me know if you continue to have difficulties.