Minimum Basket spend

Hi all,
I’m helping West Midlands Country Markets set up on OFN Uk (and hopefully if we are successful, other Country Markets around the country will join us).
Being able to set a min. spend per customer would be exceptionally helpful in terms of keeping on top of finances (as I’m sure you realise that online payment methods will deduct a fixed amount per transaction plus a percentage- if people checkout numerous very small transactions, rather than grouping things together into a ‘shop’ then as a producer you have the potential to be left in ‘the red’. Country Markets, are a collective of many micro producers and so we will be offering low value items- individual vegetables etc- making min spend per basket an important issue). As a internet shopper as well as a OFN producer I know that ‘min. basket checkouts’ are fairly standard and I don’t think it would prevent potential customers.
The only way I can see at present on OFN is to add a one-off fee per transaction in addition to a percentage fee. I think this would be less attractive to customers as it is not ‘the norm’ for other online retailers.
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Hi Louise
Thanks for this good suggestion. I have added it to our wish list and we will keep you posted. The speed at which items move up the development queue depends on how many users request it and how quickly we can raise the funding to pay for the development. So please keep us posted if you have any news on either of these parameters!

I can see Stroudco using this in the near future. Every time we get an order for £5 (or so) I think we need this feature.

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Hey all,

Just to note this is within github and I have prompted the discussion up again - I’ll also look to exploring this on our international discourse to gage the scope for this



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